February 15, 2012

"Situated Caring": An Integration of Nursing and the Environment

Olga Jarrin PhD RN (who was a student of mine during her undergraduate days) has posted a very interesting presentation on her work on the concept of Situated Caring. Situated Caring is nursing care that is highly cognizant of the context, or situation, of the care. The context includes the external environmental influences as well as the internal influences of both nurse and patient (of course "patient" can be individuals, families, groups, and communities who interact with nurses). What I particularly like is her attempt to bring together what are often presented as competing worldviews of subjective and objective perspectives of health. She presents this as "left brain" and right brain" views. I never liked this dichotomy as most of us have two working hemispheres, and we approach the world with both. Her work really emphasizes that nursing care does not take place in a vacuum. As nursing educators we need to examine how we include context into our teaching of nursing concepts.

If your department is considering changes to the curriculum or philosophical framework I urge you to read her paper in Advances in Nursing Science: 35(1) 14-24. For a short time you can download a pdf of the paper here.

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