January 20, 2012

Apple's Education Initiative and Nursing Education

Apple's Education Event announced yesterday brings some exciting opportunities to nursing educators. The event introduced three new things:

iTunes U: A course management system that works through iTunes. It lets faculty manage courses and post content.
iBooks 2: The next generation of iBooks for the iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). It adds new navigation, highlighting, interactivity, study cards, tap word glossary.
iBooks Author: Mac software that enables educators to write their own interactive textbooks.

The addition of iBooks Author has the greatest potential effect for nursing faculty. Imagine writing and publishing your own textbook that your students can download directly to an iPad. Self-publishing has not been a big factor in nursing academia but the advent of e-books is stimulating a change. I can foresee faculty creating their own books that will illustrate important concepts in nursing using video, audio, and links to Internet resources.

This new option also creates new questions about student purchases of technology and e-books, who owns the book, and who gets paid for the work. I recommend you view the Apple video and see where you think nursing education can go with this.


Mary Curran said...

This is pretty exciting stuff. I have never used this type of technology working in staff development, but can see the value as part of our critical care or emergency nurse fellowships. It would be an investment up front in regard to purchasing the i-pads, but the possibilities seem endless. Particularly, the text book option. As an aside, I am a doctoral student, so I have been investigating blogs as part of an assignment. You provide a lot of valuable information on this blog! Thank you! Do you know of any other blogs for nurse educators? It is great to network with other professionals. Thanks.

Brent Thompson, PhD, RN said...

I think a tablet computer/e-reader of some sort will soon be as common as a cellphone. Any information intensive business, such as nursing, will need to have a way to keep information at hand.

It is hard to find nursing education blogs that are not just advertising fronts or article linkers.

As to your interests:
Be sure to check the article and links at:

Mary Curran said...

Thanks for the information, I will take a look. I agree regarding your comment about the tablet. Within a few years,the price will come down dramatically.

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