February 13, 2010

iPad will help teach use of iPhone apps

One of the difficult things about implementing an iPhone or iPod Touch device for nursing students is showing them the screen in action. If you are savvy enough to download the iPhone SDK and run the iPhone Simulator it is possible, but well beyond the skills of most nursing faculty. When demonstrating software the best thing to have is a real time projected display of the teacher's computer. The iPhone has no video out so your only option, after the Simulator, is to use a video camera. Not a very elegant solution.

The Apple iPad removes that obstacle. The iPad has a video out report (which requires an adapter) that will let faculty display the screen. The iPhone software will run on the iPad in either original size or double sized. We will have to wait to see how good this looks. So, if you are teaching the use of iPhone apps for your nursing students I suggest buying an iPad with a video out adapter.

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