February 13, 2009

Palm OS: RIP

Palm has announced the end of development of its PalmOS, or operating system. They are opting for a web-based system and hoping to survive in the shadow of the Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry. The are moving to their Palm "Pre" smartphone that requires network access to operate.

It has been frustrating for nurse educators that the current PalmOS has been unchanged since 2004. That is an eternity in personal computing. The future of small PalmOS devices that have been popular with nurses such as the E2 and Tx is more uncertain than ever. Considering the huge processing, graphics, and memory advantages of the Apple iPod Touch, let alone the easy installation of applications through iTunes, it was clear the end of Palm as a clinical choice was near. Nurse educators considering adopting the Palm should do a careful consideration of price, value, and support ease before making a decision.