October 4, 2008

The Handheld Computer to Beat for Nurses: Apple iPod Touch

Apple has updated the iPod Touch , adding a speaker, improving battery life, and allowing the addition of third party applications. All at a lower price. An 8 GB Touch is now $229 making it a better bargain than any Palm OS or Windows Mobile device. The ability to show video, browse the Internet with a full-fledged browser, and use healthcare-related applications make it more versatile than any previous handheld.

The iTunes App Store has thousands of applications. The number of useful healthcare apps is still small but growing quickly. Expect to see the classic reference titles for sale soon.

For nurse educators considering which handheld to recommend to students, the iPod Touch must be seriously considered. It provides a powerful computer that will serve students well past graduation. The fact that it is also an iPod only helps make it an easier sale to students.


kfrd said...

do you think it wise to buy it now since there are none of the major apps that can be downloaded yet? or wait and see what happens b/c by then maybe the next ipod touch model will be out? will the skyscape stuff work on the ipod? it seems so expensive, and tell me if i'm wrong, but they are not downloaded app's right? you have to be online to view? thanks 4 the help.

kfrd said...

also, is there one protective case that you have found most helpful for the hospital setting, to protect the screen but also the sides in case of being dropped? thanks again.

Brent Thompson, PhD, RN said...

If you need the resources right now, and have no use for the healthcare apps available now, then you should wait until the titles are released. I have spoken with four publishers who assure me that the major titles will be available by the end of the year.

For protection I like the Griffin Elan Form. Most any screen protector is a good idea. No case will help with a drop to a concrete floor, however.

kfrd said...

thanks! i chatted w/ someone at skyscape and they said the references would be available by next week or so.
which exact titles would you recommend for an RN working in a hospital, possibly ER but possibly a cardiology floor.

Brent Thompson, PhD, RN said...

Your choice of resources will depend on which titles are available and your particular needs. Think of what resources you find yourself needing. Are there things you need to Google or hunt the unit for? Are there calculations you frequently need to perform? There are some great medical equation apps for iPhone and iPod Touch out now. Also, don't forget some of the smaller, single function apps that are becoming available. They can be easier to use clinically than the big catch-all apps.

Beth282 said...

I bought an iTouch based on this post and have been using it so much. I am not even a nurse yet, but I was able to download an informed pocket guide for RNs from iTunes and love it.


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